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Usage flow


Advance reservation

Please make advance reservations using the website reservation form or by phone.
​We may not be able to accommodate last-minute reservations, so we appreciate your cooperation.



If you are coming by car, please go to the rotary.If you are coming by train or public transportation, please go to the rotary.


Please read the [Precautions for use] and confirm the driver's license of the person driving the vehicle.

Prices must be paid in advance. Cash, credit card, and electronic money payments are accepted.

Before departure, we will check the vehicle and explain how to operate it. When you are ready, we will depart.



When returning the vehicle, please return to the departure location by the scheduled time. Since it is not a gasoline car, you can return it as is.


Please be sure to contact us if the return time is significantly earlier.Please note that if your usage time is earlier than the scheduled time, we will not be able to refund any unused time.

We will check the vehicle and if there are no problems, the transaction will end.

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